Jimmie Bernal was born on February 23, 1962, in Chicago, Ill. Widely known for his roles in Mas Sabe el Diablo, Te Quiero Pecas, and Complices, Bernal got his start in acting during his early 20s. His role as Matt Terry in Gallito Ramirez catapulted him into fame and fandom, while his subsequent lead role in Te Quiero Pecas secured his status as a dynamic and incredibly popular actor.

During his late 30s, Bernal stepped back from acting to focus on furthering his other interests, including a career in diving, and close and executive protection, before returning to the screen to star in Complices, followed by other key roles.
Transitioning from his largely Latin American screen career, Bernal recently took a critical role in Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way.

He lives with his wife and children in Florida, where they raise and breed Arabian horses, and foster social outreach


Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 210 lbs
Height: 6′ 2”


Film and Television

  • Every Witch Way
  • El Capo
  • Santa Diabla
  • 5th of a Degree
  • Relaciones Peligrosas
  • La Mariposa
  • Immigration Tango
  • Mas Sabe el Diablo
  • Doña Barbara
  • Complices
  • Te Quiero Pecas
  • Gallito Ramirez
  • Tuyo es mi Corazon
  • Dejemonos de Vainas
  • Otra en Mi
  • Otra Raya del Tigre
  • Protagonistas de Novela-Colombia
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  • featured
  • supporting
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  • lead
  • lead
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      • Nickelodeon (dir. Arturo Manuitt)
      • MundoFox (dir. Riccardo Gabrielli R.)
      • Telemundo (dir. Luis Manzo)
      • DCF & Productions (dir. Daniel Columbie)
      • Telemundo (dir. Vicente Albarracín)
      • FoxTelecolombia (dir. Lilo Vilaplana)
      • Mutressa Movies (dir. David Burton Morris)
      • Telemundo (dir. David Posada)
      • Telemundo (dir. Mauricio Cruz)
      • Caracol Television (dir. Diego Mejia Montes)
      • RCN Television (dir. Moises Rivillas)
      • Caracol Television (dir. Julio Cesar Luna)
      • Caracol Television (dir. Julio Cesar Luna)
      • Coestrellas Television (dir. Claudia Bernal Melo)
      • Tevecine Producciones (dir. Jorge luis Tirana)
      • RCN Television (dir. Carlos Mayolo)
      • Promofilm (cr. Mariano Calasso)

Skills and Training

Security Detail and Response

Licensed Florida Private Investigator
Licensed Close and Executive Protection
Trained First Responder
Violent Suspect Management, SWAT and Chemical Warfare certification

Weaponry and Sport
Firearms and Asian weapons expert
Certified Master Horsemanship Trainer with Richie Wingfield
6th-degree black belt Hapkido
Certified PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Speech and Training

Fluent in English and Spanish
Private Training in Production/Direction with Julio Cesar
The Method and Monologue Acting with Raul Santa